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Electric Pool Covers

Electric Pool Covers by COVERS in Play

Pool covers or pool blankets have been around for decades and for decades they have been underutilized. Why? Ask anyone. I can’t get it on the water easily. I can’t get it on the water straight. I can’t get it on the water by myself. I try, but it’s a pain. I try again. But I can’t keep it up. It’s too much.

Everywhere, pool covers or pool blankets are off the pools more than they are on the pools. And mostly, they just stay there. What a waste. The cost of the blanket. Not being used. The cost of the energy lost. Heat disappearing. The cost of evaporation. Water level going down by the hour. Chemicals? Using more and more. And all that dust and debris. Somebody’s got to vacuum it out.

COVERS in Play has seen the problems. And the Auto Pool Reel is the answer. Getting it on the pool? No problem. Getting it there every day? It’s easy. All by yourself? Sure, it’s electric. Auto Pool Reel. It’s automatic. It’s Simple Touch deployment, at the touch of a button. It’s 2016. It’s technology. It’s the answer.

Auto Pool Reel. It’s electric. Order yours today.