4 Compelling Reasons to Buy Motorized Pool Cover

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Investing in a motorized pool cover delivers on four key benefits: convenience, good for the environment, pool cleanliness, and energy efficiency. All these perks collectively contribute to extending your pool’s lifespan, adding value to your backyard oasis, and saving money on pool ownership. A motorized pool cover automates the process of covering and uncovering the […]

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How Long Should My Pool Pump Every Day?

If money is no object, you’d probably leave your pool pump running all the time forever. Unfortunately, there is no ‘motherlode’ cheat to real life and you need to consider various factors in maintaining your swimming pool. When it comes to pool care, you must not forget about chemical balancing, circulation, and other essential details. […]

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How to Remove Mustard Algae in Your Pool

Over the winter, mustard or yellow algae lay dormant in your pool. However, once warmer days start to kick in, they start to grow and multiply.  Yellow algae can present several hazards, especially for younger or inexperienced swimmers. It will coat every underwater surface, causing ladders, pool floors, and walls to become dangerously slippery. The […]

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