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Solar Pool Covers vs. Standard Swimming Pool Covers: Which one’s better?

When you own a pool, the essential pieces you will look for are swimming pool covers. You may have heard about it a lot from your neighbor. They might have kept talking about how they were able to eliminate the chore of scooping leaves out of the water. Man, it makes them so happy!

But you’re probably aware that there’s more to that because here you are, digging into more profound research about swimming pool covers.

What are the best swimming pool covers you can buy online?

Before adding a cover into your virtual cart, you should have a satisfactory definition of the type you want. Swimming pool covers have many more advantages than keeping out that pesky falling debris from your neighbor’s pine tree.

People choose a swimming pool cover that matches their purpose, area climate, pool type, size, or shape. The standard ones such as safety covers, winter covers, and slated covers dominate one over the other depending on the feature you desire.

  1. Winter covers are used exclusively for winter because they’re made from a mesh-type material that completely covers the pool.
  2. Safety covers are the best when it comes to protecting your child, pet, or visitor from falling or drowning. Their construction allows them to bear human weight safely.
  3. Slatted covers are rigid enough to be pushed onto a pool by a roller which means they can be taken off and put on automatically. When you have a pool with an odd shape, slatted covers can accommodate and make ends meet.

On the flip side, solar pool covers are special categories of swimming pool covers. They’re not like the standard pool covers because they’re designed differently.

Solar pool covers serve as insulators to swimming pools keeping the pool water warm while cutting down on water evaporation. Most importantly, they’re not as expensive as slatted pool covers or safety pool covers.

What is the difference between standard swimming pool covers and solar pool covers?

Knowing the different classes of swimming pool covers, you can already infer the answer…

If you want a cover to protect your family members from falling and eventually drowning into your pool, standard swimming pool covers (winter or safety pool cover) work for you. Its body is made of mesh, and solid vinyl materials and straps are secured with springs and anchors in the pool deck. 

But if you want to drop your energy and maintenance costs at the maximum amount possible, you have to use solar pool covers. They’re specifically designed for this purpose by their ability to absorb and reflect the heat into your pool. They have an air-pocket feature that insulates the heat, preventing their escape. 

What do you do with the pool cover when swimming?

Many people are not a fan of pool covers because, for them, they’re unsightly. They feel like jumping in for a quick swim is a little more work and less spontaneous. It would require them to roll the cover off before they swim and wouldn’t know where to place it afterward.

But that’s why we have equipment called swimming pool cover reel and pool cover roller!

Just a little addition to your swimming pool accessories makes retracting covers a no-brainer. A pool cover roller makes it easier and faster for you to take your cover off. You can fold the pool cover in about 10 to 60 seconds and store it in a covered plastic bin or a large garbage pail. Here’s to more tips on cleaning and maintaining them.

Swimming pool cover reel, especially the automatic ones, provides pool owners with a pool cover system that effortlessly covers and uncovers the pool. Choose swimming pool cover reels that are hands-free and compatible with any swimming pool covers. 

Can you use a pool cover without a roller?

The best answer to this is, “it’s better to use them WITH a pool cover roller and swimming pool cover reel.” Aside from helping you store your pool cover quickly, a roller will evenly and neatly roll the cover over your pool. Know that improper or poor cover installation will cause them to droop or sag in spots with more weight than others. 

Also, you risk tearing and scraping the cover on rocks, paving, or fences without a roller or reel. A torn pool cover can also easily sag when the water seeps to the top of the cover. So if you’ve ever owned or installed a pool cover, then you already know that you need a pool cover roller and a swimming pool cover reel. It’s a no-brainer.

Should you buy any of these pool accessories? Before hitting that purchase button, know that you’re making the best decision. Others purchase pool equipment for personal touches to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of their entire backyard. But you, right there, invest in something that saves you time and money.

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