Automatic Pool Covers & Retractable Pool Cover

Our Simple Touch Deployment System is revolutionary. Auto Pool Reel is the only fully Automatic Pool Covers (Blanket) in the world that covers and uncovers your pool automatically. Totally hands free trackless, self deploying, self retracting with no manual cranking, no pulling, no strings or cables. Our patent pending system allows for simple push button operation.

Covers in Play innovative Auto Pool Reel was developed to eliminate the hassle and effort of covering and uncovering your pool. Until now the only method of covering pools was with a manual cover or a semi-automatic reel with ropes and tether kits or an expensive automatic cover with tracks. But with Covers in Play Automatic Pool Covers it is as easy as pushing a button. Watch it Work! See the video below.


With our Auto Pool Reel you can starting enjoying the benefits:

  • Fully Automatic pool covers, with electric safety switch
  • No manual pulling, no pushing, no strings
  • Simple Touch Deployment System, anyone can do it
  • Saves time, saves energy, saves your heat
  • Eliminates growth of algae when pool is covered with Thermal Cover
  • No tracks, self guiding

Automatic Pool Covers Design Features:

  • State of the art electric drive system
  • Build in microchip controller
  • Trackless System
  • Fits up to 20' x 40' swimming pools or larger
  • Cover controlled by two edge guides on and off the water

Cover in Play Retractable Pool Enclosures & Patio Enclosures

Covers in Play also designs and manufactures automatic retractable Pool Enclosures. Turn your outdoor pool and patio into a year round paradise with a push of a button using our patented motorized drive system, no manual effort required. Visit us at to see more.


Automatic Pool Covers