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4 Compelling Reasons to Buy Motorized Pool Cover

Investing in a motorized pool cover delivers on four key benefits: convenience, good for the environment, pool cleanliness, and energy efficiency. All these perks collectively contribute to extending your pool’s lifespan, adding value to your backyard oasis, and saving money on pool ownership.

A motorized pool cover automates the process of covering and uncovering the pool. A typical installation includes a reel at one terminal and two long straight tracks along the sides for the pulley mechanism to function. However, with our APR there are no tracks or pulleys to clutter the deck.

Despite its slightly higher upfront costs, there are many advantages of automatic pool covers over other market choices, which we’ll explain in detail below.

1. It Saves on Your Electricity Bills

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When the summer fades into spring, and then winter, it takes a lot of energy to maintain your pool water at a comfortable temperature. However, investing in a motorized pool cover can extend your pool season and let you save on your utility bills. How? The automated pool covers envelop the entire pool end-to-end; with lower odds, you may forget to cover the pool, the warmth generated by the heater is preserved.

Also, water evaporation is the most substantial contributor to energy loss, and with a high-quality motor-driven cover, the loss can be minimized significantly.

Further, motorized pool covers keep leaves, debris, and other contaminants at bay. Therefore the pool cleaner needs to be run for a lesser time, and hence lower energy consumption.

2. It is Good for the Environment

An automatic pool cover is also good for the environment you breathe in. First, as mentioned earlier, it allows water to evaporate slowly. Second, none of the chemicals — chlorine or bromine — you used to clean the pool leak out and get into the environment.

3. It Keeps the Pool Water Clean & Hygienic

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A motorized pool cover will keep your pool water by preventing leaves and debris from falling in. Besides, unhygienic green algae is less likely to develop since no sun rays enter the pool water.

4. It is Quite Convenient to Use

Last but not least, automatic pool covers offer great convenience. It is because it covers and retracts whenever you want to in less than 60 seconds, just with a flick of a switch or a click of a button.

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