Your Pool Day Powered by the Auto Pool Roller

For covering and uncovering that’s far less hands-on than your average automatic pool cover roller.

  • Flip the power switch “on”.
  • Slowly walking along the pool deck, gently pull the pool cover.
  • No cranking or forceful pulling is required as the roller helps unwind the cover
    with power-assisted deploying technology.
  • Once the pool is covered, flip the power switch back to neutral.
  • Flip the power switch “off”
  • The pool cover retracts automatically. Some minor adjusting may be needed as the pool cover winds itself around the roller.

Unwinding just got smarter

Discover the Auto Pool Roller’s Intelligent Features


Smart Rotation Technology

The Auto Pool Roller’s power-assisted uncovering is thanks to our intelligent one-way
motorized rotation, or ‘motion-transfer’, technology. This allows our drive system to
propel the cover without any traction in one direction- and ample traction in the
other, for easy unwinding that requires a human touch only where necessary.

  • Power Switch: With the flip of a switch, the roller unwinds
    or retracts the pool cover. Balancing the switch between on
    & off pauses or stops the cover. 1
  • State-of-the-Art Drive System: High torque, low-voltage,
    gear motors are used to unwind and retract the pool cover
    safely, efficiently, and repeatedly. 2



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Dive into the individual mechanisms that make the
Auto Pool Roller work

Power Switch

With the flip of a switch, the cover system unwinds or retracts the cover. Balancing the power switch between the on and off settings (neutral) will pause/stop the pool cover at
any time.

Low-Voltage Motors

High torque, low-voltage, gear motors help unwind and retract the pool cover safely, efficiently, and repeatedly. One-way rotation technology is used to assist you as you unwind the
cover, and roll itself up on its own.

Sealed Motor Mechanisms

The Auto Pool Roller’s motorized mechanisms are sealed in weather-proof, protective casing so the Roller can thrive in high-traffic splashzones, stand up to inclement weather, and
continue to operate flawlessly with constant, repeated use.

One-Way Rotation Technology

One-way rotation technology suspends the main reel as it spins to unwind. This traction-inhibiting technology locks up when the cover retracts, so that it can wind up on its own
and unwind with little effort.


The ends-supports are A frame-shaped supports situated on either end of the main reel. They house the motor mechanisms and other electrical components, so they’re neatly concealed and protected from the elements.

Main Reel

The main reel is made of telescoping tubes that come in 3 different sizes. These tubes allow the roller to be adjusted within a certain range to accommodate the specific width of your swimming pool.

Rubber Mounts

The rubber mounts support the A-frame end pieces or ‘end supports’. The rubber feet won’t scratch, slide, or shift out of place when sitting on your pool deck.

Two-Year Warranty

Ships Next Working Day

Exceptional Support

Two-Year Warranty
Ships Next Working Day
Exceptional Support

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