Unless you are an adventure fanatic and ready to jump in the ice - cold water, you probably want to keep your swimming pool heated.

Heating your pool is one of the biggest costs in maintaining a swimming pool and simply keeping it warm. But, before you choose any conventional pool heater or gas heater, have you thought about a solar pool cover with a solar cover reel?

A solar pool cover is an environment friendly and efficient option which raises the temperature of your pool water. If you have been looking for an ideal and eco-friendly solution for your pools, then solar pool covers with a solar pool cover reel are worth a look!

Solar Pool Cover an Energy Efficient Option

Possibly, as a pool owner, you have already used a safety pool cover. So, what is the need for a solar pool cover for your backyard oasis?

Simply put, this doesn’t just keep dirt and debris out from your pool - but it keeps your swimming pool heated.

Retains and adds Heat

Swimming pool solar covers are an energy efficient option, as they capture the sun’s energy and transfer it directly into your swimming pool to keep it warm throughout the season. The solar blanket, or cover, is actually a large sheet of bubble wrap, but stronger and more durable to withstand the outdoor environment. The bubbles keep the cover afloat, and act as a magnifying glass heating up your swimming pool.

Solar Covers Reduces Evaporation

Covering your pool when not in use reduces evaporation and that can act as a huge energy guzzler. The reduced evaporation saves water and keeps the pool temperature under control while reducing or eliminating the need of any alternative heating source depending on where you live!

Solar Covers Reduces Evaporation

Covering your pool when not in use reduces evaporation and that can act as a huge energy guzzler. The reduced evaporation saves water and keeps the pool temperature under control while reducing or eliminating the need of any alternative heating source depending on where you live!

Lowers Chemical Costs

Also, when a pool cover is used there is less need to add chemicals to your swimming pool, in some cases a 40% reduction. The dust and debris stay out when using solar covers for inground pools. So, less time for cleaning and maintaining the pool and more time for fun.

Tip: Any time the pool is covered it will reduce evaporation and will save you money.

Selecting a Solar Cover For Your Solar Cover Reel

All solar pool cover rollers and swimming pool solar covers are not created equal. Most people will look at the cost of a solar blanket and pick the lowest price. When you are already spending a lot of money on pool maintenance saving a few dollars here in there helps, right. That may be true for some things, but it isn’t the case for solar covers for inground pools. As mentioned above solar covers are a lot like bubble wrap, and if you ever popped bubble wrap you will know what I mean. Some bubble wrap pops easy and some you almost have to step on to pop the bubbles. Your kids may love popping the bubble and drive you crazy. It is the same thing the harder it is to pop the bubble the longer your solar cover will last.


The thickness of the cover will determine how long it lasts in years or seasons. Typically the thinnest blanket will last between two to three years or seasons with the thickest solar blankets lasting 5 to 7 years. The thickness ranges from 8 mils to 16 mils. For our solar pool cover reel for inground pools, we recommend a minimum of 12 mils. The increased thickness will make it harder to blow away and last longer.

Tip: Try to avoid low cost solar blankets that are 8 mils or less


Most people select the solar blanket color based on what is in stock at their local pool store or if they have an option they try to match it with their pool coping or pool color. The typical colors available are blue, silver or clear as manufacturers try to cater to people’s taste. However, if you want to get the most from your solar blanket you need to let the light pass through it. That means the lighter the color the better. In fact, clear covers are the best option to allow the suns energy to be absorbed by your swimming pool. With a darker color less light passes through warming up the top layer of water just under the cover. It still does the job but not as efficiently. The only drawback with a clear solar cover is it shows the dirt more.

Tip: Running your pump while your solar cover is on will allow the solar cover to work more efficiently allowing the warm top layer of water to mix with the cooler water.


Most solar covers have a least a 2 year warranty with the more expensive ones up to 5 or 7 years. However, manufactures typically have prorated warranties. What that means is they will only pay the remaining life of the solar blanket if it had manufacturing issues. If the solar cover is rated for 5 years and it only lasted 3 years they will give you back money for what they think it is worth for the remaining two years (a percentage of the initial cost). However, proving there was a manufacturing defect is not easy. You will need to show documented pool maintenance to ensure the pool water was maintained and the water chemistry was within acceptable range.

Tip: Follow the recommended care for your solar blanket and watch for any discoloring. Discoloring can mean your pool chemistry is not correct.

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Sizing of Solar Blanket

Determining the size of solar covers for inground swimming pools is quite easy. Just measure the longest and widest points of your pool. For an automatic solar reel the process is the same but just add a minimum of an extra 4 feet to the length. This extra length is required as the solar reel sits at the edge of your pool.

Tip: When measuring the longest and widest points for solar covers for inground pools take several measurements. Most pools are not perfectly square and can vary.

Storing your Solar Cover

Once the pool season is over you need to think about storing the solar pool cover and let the safety cover do its thing. But before storing it away for the next season be sure to clean and completely dry the cover. If you have an Auto Pool Reel it may be easier to remove the solar pool cover from solar cover reel for cleaning and storage. If you don’t you will get a nasty, moldy surprise when you pull it out of storage for the next season.

To clean the solar cover, remove it from the swimming pool and lay it on a flat surface. Laying it on the grass is an option, but don’t leave it long for it will burn the grass very quickly. You may need to place small objects on the corners in order for the wind not to pick it up. Once in place you are ready to clean your solar cover.

With water from a garden hose and a soft scrub brush, scrub the dirt and algae, then rinse off. Ensure you do both sides of the cover. Then dry the cover by hanging it or using a leaf blower. After the solar cover is dry place it in a plastic bag or container to keep pests out. Then store the unit in a shed or garage out of direct sunlight to prevent deteriorating of the cover from the UV rays.

Tip: Don’t leave the solar cover on the lawn for too long as it can burn the grass.

How to Remove a Solar Blanket

Removing a solar blanket every time you want to go for a swim can be a pain. One solution is don’t put it on or cut the solar blanket into smaller pieces. If you don’t use it you lose the benefit of the solar blanket and cutting the solar blanket will just mean you have more pieces to fight with. One simple solution is using a solar pool cover reel.

With a diy solar cover reel you can park it at one end of the pool and crank the cover off or on the pool as required. At first a solar pool cover roller is a great tool and saves you time folding and unfolding the cover. But it also has its drawbacks and people very quickly find them not has helpful as they once thought. To get the full benefit of a solar pool cover is to use our Auto Pool Reel the only fully automatic pool cover in the world. This automatic solar pool cover roller allows the solar pool cover to automatically cover and uncover the pool with a touch of a button.

Tip: Use the Auto Pool Reel with your solar blanket to cover and uncover your pool automatically.

Save money while keeping yourself warm with best solar cover for inground pools

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Frequently Asked Questions

An Automatic Pool Cover is an automatic pool cover system that covers and uncovers a pool automatically. The Auto Pool Reel is similar to manual pool cover and reel but fully automatic. No manual effort is required just push a button.

Yes, by using the Auto Pool Reel or an Automatic Pool Roller with a pool blanket at night when it is typically cooler or when not in use will eliminate chlorine dissipation, water evaporation and heatloss. The cost of the Automatic Pool Cover and pool blanket is a small investment that pays dividends years to come. See Energy Use for energy savings.

The Auto Pool Reel or an Automatic Pool Roller can be used indoors or outdoors as required.

No, the Auto Pool Reel (APR) is fully automatic and requires no assistance so safety must be considered at all times. A key is inserted into the unit and with a simple push of a button the pool can be covered or uncovered.

The Auto Pool Reel or an Automatic Pool Roller can be used on most pools including rectangular and L-shape. As well it can also be used on straight sections of odd shape or freeform pools

No. The Auto Pool Reel is the only automatic pool cover in the world that requires no ropes or tracks or any assistance. Just push the button to cover or uncover your pool.