Compatible Covers

Whether you’re a new or long-time pool owner, you know the importance of a quality pool cover. An efficient and well-fitted pool cover
plays a significant role in protecting your pool and preventing heat-loss. But every swimming pool is different. That’s why our products
are designed for almost every variety of cover.


Made for solar covers and
thermal blankets


Accommodates covers
up to 20ft wide


Best suited for covers
12-16 mils thick


Accommodates covers
up to 60ft long

Choosing a cover for your
APR® automatic cover system

In order to accommodate the varying needs of every pool owner, you’ll purchase a cover separately from your APR® cover system. Our products are designed this way so that the choice of cover is completely up to you.

Purchasing an APR® automatic cover system means that you’ll be
able to choose which benefits you want from your cover. You’ll also be in control of its size, its colour, and more. If you change your mind or decide to replace your cover in the future, you won’t need to purchase a whole new cover system.


Solar Covers

Made from lightweight polythene or polypropylene, solar covers are comprised of hundreds of miniscule “bubbles” designed to draw energy from the sun in order to naturally heat your pool water. This process reduces the rate of evaporation and heat loss by up to 90%.

These covers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price-points. Different colours, for example, offer different heat retention properties; different thicknesses provide varying levels of durability and cost can be indicative of the cover’s longevity and overall quality.

Solar covers are typically between 8 mil to 12 mil in thickness. While thicker covers are more expensive, they often last longer and are better at converting and trapping heat.

Thermal Blankets

Thermal blankets are made from dense layers or polyethylene foam which increase the cover’s longevity when compared to solar covers. They’re as effective as solar covers when it comes to water loss and environmental benefits, however, they work in a different way. Unlike solar covers, thermal blankets will not heat your pool water. Instead, they act as an insulative barrier that will maintain your pool’s temperature by retaining heat.

These heavy-weight covers are durable and long-lasting, which makes their price-point more expensive than solar covers. They also come in a range of colours and sizes, though choices may be more limited than solar covers.

Thermal covers are typically between 10 mil and 16 mil in thickness. The thicker and heavier the cover, the more efficient it will be at trapping heat.


Have a different pool cover type that you’re not sure will work with our cover systems?

We’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have about your pool cover. Scroll down to view FAQs for this page or contact us at or 905-882-7049.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Auto Pool Roller and Auto Pool Reel do not include the actual cover. Pool owners can use their existing cover or choose a cover variety that is best suited for their swimming pool.

We recommend solar covers and thermal blankets* between 12 and 16 mils (0.012 and 0.016 inches) thick for our cover systems. Anything outside of these recommendations may not be suitable for APR automatic cover systems.

* Thermal covers that are too stiff will not roll up properly onto the roller/reel. Thermal blankets are made from insulating foam, with woven polyethylene fabric on one side or both sides of the cover. The latter (polyethylene fabric on both sides) are too stiff and should not be used with your Auto Pool Roller or Auto Pool Reel. Only thermal blankets with polyethylene on one side of the blanket should be used.

The Auto Pool Roller and the Auto Pool Reel accommodate covers up to 60ft long. Your pool cover should be approx. 5 ft longer than the length of your swimming pool for the cover to properly fit your pool once attached to our automatic cover systems.

The Auto Pool Roller and the Auto Pool Reel accommodate covers up to 20ft wide. The width of your cover should match the width of your swimming pool.

The choice is completely up to you! The Auto Pool Roller and the Auto Pool Reel are compatible with both solar covers and thermal blankets. Your choice may come down to factors such as whether your pool is indoors or outdoors, whether you live in a northern or southern climate, etc. You can find more information about choosing a cover for your APR cover system above.

Instructions for set-up will come with your purchase of the Auto Pool Roller or the Auto Pool Reel.

Yes. This is why we recommend that your cover’s thickness fall within the recommended range (12-16 mils). If your cover’s thickness follows APR guidelines, it’s performance will remain the same regardless of whether your pool cover is on the thicker or thinner side of the spectrum.

Upon initial set-up of your Auto Pool Roller or Auto Pool Reel, your cover should be no more than 1 year old, and have no visible holes, rips, or frayed edges. Once your cover is attached to the cover system, you can expect it to outlast a manual pool cover for years to come.

If you notice that your cover needs replacing, APR cover systems make it easy to switch out your existing cover for a new one by yourself, and without needing to replace the entire unit like other automatic covers.

Depending on the type and quality of your pool cover, the added longevity our reels/rollers provide will vary.

You’ll need to purchase a pool cover to be attached to your cover system. You’ll also have the option to secure your automatic cover to your pool deck as an additional safety measure.

We do not provide the tools to secure your unit to the pool deck. If securing your cover system to your deck, you’ll need to purchase the tools to do so separately.

No. The guidelines outlined above apply to both the Auto Pool Roller and the Auto Pool Reel.