Thermal Pool cover

Thermal Covers (Blankets) can be virtually indestructible! You can leave it on your pool all year round. It won't crack or split. It won't grow algae in its air cells. It won't become waterlogged and too heavy to lift. The layer of 5 mil poly makes sure that it always keeps its shape!

The surface of a Thermal Blanket is unaffected by the sun, frost or chemicals! The smooth, dirt resisting surface of the Thermal Blanket offers excellent protection!

Insulating Foam 2.2# density 1/8" cross linked polyethylene foam
Buoyancy 57#/cu.ft.
Effective Insulation 1/8" - R2
Top 5 mil poly
Dry Unit Weight 1.25 oz/ft2.
Permeability Non permeable.
Water Absorption Nil
Chemical resistance Excellent
Toxicity Non Toxic.
Flammability "0" rating ASTM E-84
Resistant to Algae Excellent.
Warranty 3 years

We reserve the right to change the specifications without notice.

How does a Thermal Blanket work?

A Thermal Blanket is like a layer of insulation on your pool, operating much like home insulation. But the Thermal Blanket does more than keep the heat in, it also reduces expensive chemical evaporation by as much as 70%. Naturally, water evaporation is reduced too, so your bills won't be so high.

Auto Pool Reel doesn't sell Thermal Blankets.
Please contact your local pool company for Thermal Blankets