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All You Need to Know About Solar Pool Covers vs Standard Pool Covers

As a swimming pool owner, it’s crucial to ensure that you protect it from the elements. Besides a high-quality swimming pool enclosure, it's also essential to cover it with the proper pool cover. There are different pool covers to choose from, such as Solar Pool Covers vs Standard Pool Covers.

But what makes these two different?

We'll tackle the different kinds of standard swimming pool covers and how they differ from the solar pool cover. That way, you can find out what swimming pool covers are best for you!

What are Solar Pool Covers?

Solar pool covers are just like the standard pool cover. However, there are added features! These covers can heat the pool water and reduce evaporation. Thanks to these features, they save on energy and water consumption and costs.

How does that work? Well, water evaporates due to the elements and is affected by your location's climate, winds, and temperatures. The solar cover will give your pool a protection barrier from all that and ease of use when using a pool cover roller. Furthermore, it will trap heat in, protecting the water from the elements while preventing heat loss from evaporation, keeping your water warm to use!

Here are the benefits solar swimming pool covers offer:

  • The average gas pool heater can use around four gallons an hour using propane, while an electric heat pump would use five kilowatts an hour. That's a high utility bill right there! Solar pool covers won't use any of those resources, or you'll only need in minimally, saving you on bills.
  • Without a pool cover, your pool can lose about two inches of water a week. You’ll have to replace your pool water quicker than expected, which leaves you spending more. Solar pool covers will reduce evaporation, so you get to save on replacing pool water.
  • Besides losing pool water from evaporation, you also lose pool chemicals! Solar pool covers can reduce the chemical reduction by up to 60%, saving you time and money.
  • Since you have a warm pool, you can experience a more extended swim season!

What are Standard Pool Covers?

There are many different standard pool covers, all of which have different purposes but similar advantages: They get to protect your pool from the debris and the harmful UV sun! However, they may not be as protective as solar covers in terms of evaporation and heating, though they have their own unique advantages.

  • Automatic Pool Covers are useful all year long, which can open and close with just a mere push of a button as the pool cover is wound up on a pool cover roller. You can lock them open or closed with a key, making it a convenient choice for those who want more security and convenience. They are also great for commercial properties.
  • Safety Covers are heavy-duty covers attached to the pool deck with anchors and straps. The amount of weight these covers can bear depends on the model you invest in. We recommend using these for those who have small children and pets to prevent them from falling into the pool, even with a cover.
  • Winter Covers are similar to Safety Covers, which help protect your pool during severe winter conditions, saving you more on maintenance and repairs, but don't roll up on a pool cover roller and must be folded and stored when not in use.

Solar Pool Covers vs Standard Pool Covers

Standard Pool Covers

Not all swimming pool covers are the same, but what they do have in common is that they are designed to keep your pool protected from debris like dirt, leaves, twigs, among other things from entering your pool. Furthermore, they help reduce the algae in the pool thanks to the sun protection, keeping it clean and less hassle to maintain.

So, which is the best cover among the rest?

There really isn't any! There's no one size fits all as it depends on where you live the type of pool you have, among other individual needs. Both solar and standard swimming pool covers come in various types and sizes, too!

  • If you’re more focused on convenience and security, automatic swimming pool covers are the way to go, which can also protect your pool while keeping the pool clean from debris. They can also help retain heat.
  • Safety covers and winter covers are more heavy-duty, keeping your kids and pets from falling into the pool and good for living in very inclement climates with heavy winds, winter seasons, or rains. Safety covers are the more expensive of all covers, but they are meant to last for up to 15 years.
  • Winter swimming pools are great for keeping snow, ice, and other debris away from the pool water while blocking sunlight and algae growth. If you live in an area with a long winter season, this is best for you.
  • Solar pool covers are for those who are more focused on maintaining a relatively warm pool most of the year and reducing utility costs in the long run. Do note that solar covers aren’t as thick as safety covers, nor do they last as long.

One Thing to Note

One thing's for sure: Ensure you get a high-quality swimming pool cover! It would be best if you didn't scrimp on the cover and the swimming pool cover reel itself so they will protect your pool for years to come without issues.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to swimming pool covers, the options are almost limitless! You can look into numerous covers, each having its pros and cons. There is no best swimming pool cover for everyone, but it will depend on your individual needs.

Contact us now if you want to talk about the pool cover needs!