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Common Pool Cover Issues and How to Repair Them

You have $25,000 - $75,000 and wonder whether to purchase a pool deck cover or a pool cover? While sliding pool deck covers provide a sturdy barrier and yard space when the pool is covered, you can already purchase the best automatic pool covers with just a chunk from your budget at hand. And the rest of the money goes back to your savings.

But not because you purchase the best automatic pool covers doesn't mean it lasts a lifetime. It still needs effort for continuous pool cover care to prolong its life. Thus, the following are common cover issues and ways to fix or repair them.

#1. Accumulated Water on the Top of the Pool Cover

Even though a cover can take 485 pounds, it cannot withstand the weight of water (or anything else) on top of them. When the pool cover is full of snow or water, it will cause the pool cover to sag in the middle. The weight causes pressure on the seams, and it gradually weakens it.

Here are your options to remove the water on top of your pool cover:

  • -Electric Pump: Submerge the pump in the deepest spot and place the hose's open end away from the pool. Make sure to direct it on the lawn or near a drain.
  • -Siphon Hose: Submerging one end of a hose in the accumulated water and suck in the other end through your mouth. Quickly remove the tube from your mouth when the water rises halfway through the tube. Put it into an empty container lower than the original water source.

#2. Pool Cover Has a Hole

A pool cover that is very tight or begins to slip toward the pool is a good indication that your it's ripped or torn. Some pool water moves out through a hole in your cover, so you have to fix that.

  • -Vinyl Patches: This is good enough if your cover's damage is about 3" x 12". For the best result, make sure that the patch should be 2" larger than the tear or hole with rounded corners.
  • -Mesh and Solid Patches: Use this if you have a larger puncture or tear. Apply the patch to both sides of the damaged pool cover area to prevent the damage from spreading.

#3. Pool Cover isn't Opening or Closing

This happens to motorized pool covers. You should start troubleshooting as soon as you notice your cover fails to operate smoothly.

First, the tracks of the motorized pool cover could be blocked by debris or other objects. Usually, this is due to tiny toys or rocks getting stuck in the tracks and keeping the body from moving.

Second, lift the lid to check for the tangled rope around the reel. Get professional help if you don't know how to detach and reattach the ropes in the system.

Third, there might be too much water on top of the motorized pool cover.

Lastly, the tracks might be dirty, so take your hose and spray along the entire length of the cover track until the water that exists is clean.

#4. Uneven Extension

Roll up pool covers are intended to keep your pool clean by preventing dirt, debris, and leaves from flying in, which is especially great over winter. But this won't serve its purpose correctly if the cover's seams fail to run straight in both directions.

Here's what you should check if you keep getting a curved roll up pool covers seams:

  • -The rope lengths are unequal
  • -An extra rope is attached to one end of the reel
  • -One of the ropes is not sufficiently tight
  • -The rope reel brakes are loose
  • -One of the ropes is broken (replacement ropes can cost $400.00 – $700.00)

#5. Friction while Extending

If you have roll up pool covers or automatic solar pool covers and detect a not-so-smooth extension, you might have rusty pool rails or a rusty solar cover roller. This is caused by condensation and trapped chlorine gas under the ledge. Rusty rails can create more significant problems in the long run, like cover getting stuck on deck and rust staining your pool.

Protect your solar cover roller by constantly cleaning them up. Set a schedule in a week for you to remove the top rail and sand or scrape off the rust. Paint the rails and your solar cover roller with good rust preventative paint.

You can also oil all the moving parts to make for easy rolling. But before doing that, make sure that there's no debris in the working parts.

Sure, you won't be experiencing these issues with the pool deck cover. But it's also true that these are just minor problems compared to the convenience and enjoyment that the best automatic pool covers bring to your life.