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Everything You Need to Know about Semi-inground pools

As you get closer to turning your inground pool dreams into a reality, you want to make sure that you spend your hard-earned money wisely. You started researching from inground pool's trending design to accessories that will help you love your swimming pool for many years.

Read more and find the answer to some of the most common new pool owner's questions, plus the best solar cover for inground pool.

How long do semi inground pools last?

While a well-maintained concrete pool can reach 50 years or more and a well-constructed concrete swimming pool can last a lifetime, the pool's liner or finish is a different story. The average lifespan of pool liners could be ten years. But they can last a long period if you do regular maintenance.

However, it's not all about deep cleaning but taking precautions to extend your pool's lifespan from the liner to the pool itself. A solar cover for a pool is a good option for a pool device to help maintain its cleanliness and the pool water's pH balance to prevent the growth of destructive microorganisms like algae, dirt, or bacteria.

Can you use a solar cover for a semi-inground pool?

Yes. A solar cover is a good call when it comes to taking care of a semi-inground pool, as it comes in different dimensions that can match the size of your pool. Also, know that most solar pool covers can be cut-off to fit your pool's specific size and shape without worrying about voiding the manufacturer's warranty.

However, most solar pool covers are rectangular or oval. If you have an oddly-sized pool or an irregular pool shape, you better choose a larger size so you can use scissors to cut it down to size. Luckily, it's not that complicated to cut a solar cover to fit any swimming pool.

What type of inground pool cover is best?

The best pool cover depends on your most urgent needs. A solar pool cover is the best choice if you're after energy savings, water conservation, and the pool's chemical reduction.

A solar cover is like a giant bubble wrap sheet that goes over your pool. The bubbles trap the sun's heat and retain it in the pool, thus preventing loss of heat by preventing evaporation as high as 95%.

Here's more hack, a solar pool cover functions best with a solar cover reel. Put them together; they work just like electric pool covers where the solar cover reel uncovers and covers your pool with the click of a button! It helps make your work much easier and more convenient.

Do you need a solar cover reel for the inground pool?

To keep it simple, you should have a solar cover reel if you have a solar cover. People say it's a no-brainer, especially if you have a large inground pool.

Think about this; it would be so much of a pain to take the cover on and off your pool. Therefore, do your spine a favor and get yourself a solar cover reel.

A solar cover reel is like a giant spool positioned at one end of your swimming pool. It consists of a long metal pole supported between two vertical end bars.

If you get this question a lot, "where do you store your solar cover when you're not using it" this is the answer. A solar cover reel lets you store it right next to the pool, so it's always there when you need it.

Can you put an electric solar pool cover on an existing inground pool?

It's not too late for your inground pool to enjoy all the added benefits an electric solar pool cover provides. And adding an electric solar pool cover to an existing inground pool is easier than you might think!

Semi inground pool

The key aspect of installing solar cover with solar cover reel is that they are built to operate easily. Upon purchase, there are step-by-step instructions on installing a solar cover and a reel allowing you to review the instructions and parts that came with your solar reel assembly.

Here's a reminder, if your solar cover is heavier than 8-mil, we recommend that your solar reel system be purchased with a tube size larger than needed to prevent sagging.

Once you decide to build a pool, expect that you will spend a lot of money. Thus, you have to ask yourself if you'll get your money's worth for that investment. Or better yet, make sure that you'll use it for quite a long time.

Many people would dream of putting in a swimming pool. After all, it shows an extravagant and deluxe way of living because inground pools have higher price tags. But it's not that you will put your money to waste. Inground pools also come with more amazing perks, primarily if you build them with pool accessories that will boost their lifespan and durability.

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