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How Much Does a Pool Cover Cost?

We understand that researching the pool cover cost can be quite daunting, especially with the many different prices, types of covers, and other factors to consider!

That's where we come along. Read on as we share the average pool cover cost for the common types of covers and their inclusions, such as the pool deck cover and electric pool covers for inground pools.

The Average Pool Cover Cost

Again, there are many different kinds of pool covers available, which is one of the significant factors in the total pool cover cost.

You’ll need to consider other factors like your location and the company you’re transacting with. But in general, here’s a pool cover cost list you can refer to.

Standard Solar Cover

Solar pool covers are a common type of pool cover available, which we call bubble blankets or bubble covers. These covers are economical and provide many benefits, such as heating the water rather than merely retaining it.

These pool covers would usually cost $150-700, and this may include a solar reel for easier installation or removal.

It would cost $500-1,000 with a solar reel for inground pools. Ground round and oval covers can cost $30-100.

Thermal Pool Cover

Thermal pool covers are also called thermal pool blankets, which are a bit nicer to look at than other covers, namely solar blankets. Such covers cost higher than others as they are made from foam-like material to keep pool water warmer by reducing evaporation and insulating the water.

For those who have the budget, it's an optimum choice if you want to save more money on heating costs. The average pool cover cost for these is about $900-1,700.

Mesh Security Cover

These are also called debris of leaf covers, which are only designed to keep leaves out. A mesh pool cover won't warm water or reduce evaporation and is meant to keep leaves and debris out of the pool. However, they won't remove all the dust, so while you'll still need to run the filter pump, this cover reduces the running time.

The average pool cover cost for these covers is about $1,500-3,900.

Slat and Rigid Pool Covers

People think that rigid pool covers are one of the best as they insulate and reduce debris in pools. You can also get rigid electric pool covers for inground pools!

While they are attractive and last longer, they are also the most expensive ones requiring professionals installation. It would have a pool motor cover to allow the covers to close or open and is best suited for pools with straight sides. The pool cover cost for these covers can cost between $3,900-12,000.

Safety Net Pool Cover

As the name suggests, this is a net going over your pool, made of chemically resistant materials. You can use a thermal or solar cover with this net. It’s made for the safety of children and animals.

These nets hold a lot of weight but won’t keep rainwater and debris out because of the mesh and net material. That’s why it’s still important to stay on top of chemical balancing and use another suitable pool deck cover alongside it.

The average cost for these pool covers is about $1,450-4,300.

Note that there are two kinds of safety pool covers, which are:

  • Mesh security pool covers would cost about $800-$1,500. These are great to keep debris and leaves away, and they can support a lot of weight, lasting for 10-15 years.
  • Solid security pool covers cost about $650-1,200, depending on the size and manufacturer. They don’t last as long as mesh covers (6-10 years), but they can keep water clearer than mesh.

Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic pool covers would have a pool motor cover. They can be the most expensive among all pool covers and require tracks mount under or on top of the deck, though they also provide the most UV protection, safety, and convenience. Moreover, these pool covers offer other benefits, such as keeping out dirt and debris, along with durability.

These pool covers can cost between $12,000-22,000. It may cost more from the installation process.

If you are looking for automatic covers but not a safety cover, you can do a way with the tracks and keep your budget under control for $900-1,600. Check out our Automatic Pool Reel.

Winter Pool Cover

These are the cheapest pool covers you can get, costing about $50-175. However, the price can go up to over $300 when you want thicker and more durable covers.

Winter pool covers are a strong cover that protects your pool from, you guessed it, the winter season. It’s also helpful in keeping debris and bugs from entering the pool. However, it’s merely made of tarp-like material and held down using water bags, lasting for a limited number of seasons before requiring replacement.

What is the Best Pool Cover?

The pool cover cost is only one of the many factors to consider. There is no best pool cover as it solely depends on your needs and preferences. It will also depend on your location and whether you experience hotter or colder weather conditions.

If you’re looking for something to warm your pool or to at least keep it warm, you're better off with a solar, thermal, or automatic pool cover. If you're more focused on safety, you'll want a security pool cover. A winter pool cover will work for those on a budget and who want to protect their pool from typical dirt and debris.

Again, it all depends on you! If you're confused about which pool cover to get, you can reach out to us here at Auto Pool Reel to get advice on what products to invest in for your pool.

Wrapping It Up

The average pool cover cost can vary depending on what you're getting, the size, and where you're from. Regardless, these are worthy investments with numerous benefits, provided you get the right one from a reputable company.

If you’d like to know more about pool products like pool motor cover, solar reel, or electric pool covers for inground pools, don’t hesitate to contact us now here at Auto Pool Reel!