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Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas for Your Backyard Renovation

Are you planning a backyard renovation? If you own a pool, then you probably already know that you must consider the lighting. Not only will pool lighting create a beautiful ambiance, but it will also help with everyone’s safety and visibility when going nighttime swimming.

12 Pool Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space - Bob Vila

But wait, what are some good pool lighting ideas? Obviously, you want to go beyond the usual for better aesthetics! Read on and check out these pool lighting ideas to help you transform your backyard into a stunning oasis.


Lighting Around Pool

One of the most popular pool lighting ideas is to install lighting around the pool perimeter. If this is what you want to do, we recommend LED strip lights, which is the perfect option since you can easily install and control them with a remote or mobile app. These lights come in various colors and you can choose to change the light colors depending on your event or mood!


Pool Deck Lighting Ideas

Consider adding lighting to the pool deck, as this will provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. For example, you can install recessed lights along the edges of the deck, or use uplighting to illuminate trees or other landscaping features


Lighting Around Pool Deck

Lighting around the pool deck is also a great way to highlight the pool's shape and design. You can use solar-powered lights or low-voltage LED lights that are designed to withstand water exposure. These lights can be installed in the ground or on the deck itself, and they come in various shapes and sizes to fit any style.


Outdoor Pool Lighting Ideas

Outdoor pool lighting ideas can also include hanging lanterns or string lights that create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. These lights can be hung from trees or pergolas around the pool area and will add a touch of warmth and charm to your backyard.


Landscape Pool Lighting Ideas

Landscape pool lighting is another popular option, as it can highlight the beauty of your landscaping features. You can use spotlights or uplighting to showcase trees, water features, or statues around the pool area.


Pool Area Lighting Ideas

When it comes to pool area lighting, think outside the box. For instance, you can install underwater lights that will create a unique and mesmerizing effect. Alternatively, you can install wall-mounted lights that illuminate the pool from above, creating a dramatic and stunning effect.


Lighting Ideas Around Pool

There are numerous lighting ideas around the pool to choose from, including colored lights, fiber optics, or even fire features. These elements will create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere in your backyard, making it the perfect spot for entertaining guests or relaxing with family and friends.


Cool Pool Lighting Ideas

Finally, for those looking for cool pool lighting ideas, consider installing neon lights or light-up pool toys. These fun and playful elements will create a fun and inviting atmosphere, making your pool the perfect spot for parties and gatherings.


Waterfall Lighting

If you have a waterfall or other water feature in your pool, consider adding lighting to enhance the visual impact. You can install spotlights or underwater lights to highlight the water feature's contours and create a stunning visual effect.


Pool Float Lighting

Adding lighting to your pool floats can create a fun and playful atmosphere. You can purchase light-up floats or add your own LED lights to your existing floats.


Pathway Lighting

If you have a pathway leading to your pool area, consider adding lighting to guide the way. You can use solar-powered lights or low-voltage LED lights to create a safe and inviting walkway.


Pool Fence Lighting

Do you have a fence around the pool area? Add lighting around them to create a warmer and more inviting atmosphere. You can even install string lights or LED lights along the fence for a cozier ambiance.


Moon Lighting

Moon lighting is more about placing lights high up in tall poles or trees for a more natural and subtle lighting effect. You can create a peaceful and serene atmosphere right in your backyard!


Color-Changing Lights

Here’s another fun and unique way to add more interest in your pool area. Color-changing lights allows you to choose from various colors or you can have it change automatically for an ever-changing atmosphere.


Underwater Light Shows

Another thing you can do is to do underwater light shows, which helps you add fun and unique entertainment to the pool area. You can get underwater light show systems from your local store, all of which having colorful and mesmerizing light displays!


Starlight Projectors

Starlight projectors are an amazing way to transform your pool and create a fabulous nighttime atmosphere. Projectors can create a lovely starry night sky effect, bringing more magic into your backyard.


Flameless Candles

If you want to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere around your pool area, consider using flameless candles. These candles are safe and long-lasting and can be placed in lanterns or along the pool deck to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Pool Steps Lighting

If your pool has steps or a ladder, consider adding lighting to these areas for safety and visual appeal. You can use LED lights or strip lights to illuminate these areas and create a stunning effect.


Pool Table Lighting

If you have a pool table near your pool area, consider adding lighting to create a fun and inviting space for entertaining. You can use pendant lights or recessed lighting to highlight the table and create a cozy atmosphere.


Poolside Bar Lighting

If you have a poolside bar, consider adding lighting to create a fun and lively atmosphere. You can use colorful LED lights or string lights to create a festive and inviting space for entertaining.


Reflective Pool Lighting

Reflective pool lighting involves using underwater lights to create a beautiful reflective effect on the surface of the water. This type of lighting can create a serene and peaceful atmosphere in your backyard.


Fiber Optic Lighting

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Fiber optic lighting is a unique and stunning way to add interest to your pool area. These lights can be installed in the pool walls or decking and can create a beautiful and mesmerizing effect.


Smart Lighting Systems

Smart lighting systems allow you to control your pool lights from your smartphone or tablet. You can change the color and intensity of the lights or set them to turn on and off automatically, creating a convenient and customizable lighting experience.

No matter which pool lighting ideas you choose, remember that lighting can transform your backyard into a beautiful and inviting space that you'll love spending time in.

In conclusion, there are numerous pool lighting ideas to choose from when designing your backyard oasis. Whether you opt for subtle lighting or something more dramatic, the right lighting can transform your pool area into a beautiful and inviting space that you'll love spending time in.