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The Auto Pool Reel

After some research, and evaluating various pool cover options, I chose the Auto Pool Reel for its simple compact design. I installed it quite simply with the help of my son to help position it in place. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. My pool is rectangular, 18 x 38, so a very clean opening to work with. I ordered a 16-mil thick solar cover separately and then cut it to size from the recommendations with the Auto Pool Reel guidelines. The tractor drive edge strips provided by APR to attach to the cover’s long edges work well to deploy and retract the cover without any outside assistance. The goal was to extend the pool season 6-8 weeks. Since we didn’t have a cover prior, it will help to retain the heat and allow the solar aspect to help heat as well. The cover has been installed for 6 weeks now and has operated every time with the touch of a button. As an engineer, I wanted something simple for the family to operate, without ropes or tracks or outside assistance. I am pleased with the operation and support from the Auto Pool Reel folks.