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The Auto Pool Reel

I'm very happy with the pool reel. I already put it to the side for winter. Our biggest problem is with the plastic 'buttons'. A few came off and that is probably because we didn't push them in far enough so after a few weeks they would come loose and fall into the pool - I have extras and instead of putting them in every 4-5 holes, I am going to be sure to put them in maybe every other hole, if I have enough. The other thing I would like to have done is put a bench over the roller, so it blends in with the yard. The roller works fine - even though we were all novices we figured it out with the hardest part being the electrical. Having an experienced person or two would have made it so much easier! The brochure recommends it. If this one wears out in a few years I wouldn't hesitate getting another one. Plus, I can roll it out and in by myself and that is the very first thing I noticed when I thought about buying it. It would be nice to sell a bench that would cover the reels and be easy to put together... also, making sure there are more plastic 'buttons' if some fall off. My helpers (grandson and wife) agree ... we made a good choice going with your company ... Very Pleased. Thank you