Automatic Pool Cover – Auto Pool Reel Benefits

The Auto Pool Reel will accommodate any solar cover up to 20 feet wide by 40 feet long. It will automatically deploy over the water electrically, usually in less than 2 minutes. It returns onto the roller all by itself whenever you decide. Again, usually in less than 2 minutes. Anyone can do it. It’s a one man (or one woman) operation and with the simple one touch deployment system, you will be able to cover and uncover your pool whenever you like and as often as you like.

Unlike other electric pool cover systems, the Auto Pool Reel system does not have any tracks. Not on top of the deck. Not under the edges or coping. There are no tracks. No tripping hazard. And it puts the blanket out flat, right on top of the water. There is no evaporation. No water loss at all when deployed.

It has been designed to sit on top of the deck at the end of the pool on solid rubber feet, keeping it properly aligned and in the correct position for everyday use. It is easily set up for any existing pool or can be planned for any new pool installation. Because of its’ simple installation and operation it is a must have for any pool owner.

Before the Auto Pool Reel, the idea of an automatic pool cover system has been prohibitively expensive for most new pool owners. It has been a very big question they’ve had to face. Built it in or add it later. The most difficult part when considering standard automatic pool covers (electric pool covers), has been the cost. In general it’s been the most expensive optional feature that could be installed for a swimming pool. If fact it’s standard pricing has been has been as high as 50 to 80% of the cost of the pool. In most cases an automatic pool cover gets squeezed out of the budget and a manual cover becomes the only solution. Until now. The Auto Pool Reel provides the ultimate solution at a fraction of the cost.

The Auto Pool Reel was designed as a modern, fully automated electric pool cover roller system that can accommodate any solar pool cover up to 20 ft wide x 40 ft long. It has been designed and manufactured with the highest quality engineering for years of dependable use. Repeated, multiple, on/off cycles with a simple one touch deployment system. And all this at an affordable price. Your budget is no longer squeezed. With the Auto Pool Reel system you can install the retractable pool cover with almost any pool blanket anytime. Just set it up, plug it in and you are ready to go.

The many benefits include:
  • Fully automatic pool cover roller, push button convenience
  • No tracks or guides required
  • No rope or strings to pull
  • Two year warranty
  • Operation is easy
  • Everyone can do it
  • For outdoor or indoor swimming pools
  • The tractor feed system allows consistent off/on operation
  • Enjoy the benefits of using a pool blanket without the old hassles of getting it on and off the pool
  • Low cost

Additional Pool Cover Advantages

There is not much fun fighting and manhandling a manual pool cover. The hassle factor comes to a point that most people just don’t use their cover and simply ignore the many benefits. However, the benefits add up over time and are not obvious at first.

Another big benefit of retractable pool covers is the reduced maintenance cost for a swimming pool. This is done by controlling the water, since it is a swimming pool after all. A solar pool cover or blanket provides a seal on the water to control evaporation. It is eliminated when the blanket is on. With evaporation controlled the cost of water is reduced.

Think about it;
  • Reduce cleaning time by preventing debris and dirt out of the pool.
  • Designed for continuous and repeated operation and ease of use.
  • Add to the pool aesthetics, by rolling the cover on a reel.
  • Saves water by using the pool blanket every day
  • Using a motorized pool cover roller or electric pool covers daily saves energy and the environment as well
  • Chemicals are reduced with the use of a pool cover when swimming pool is not used
  • No more time spent fooling around with a manual system, with Auto Pool Reel, just push a button
  • Optimize your energy saving with daily use of the solar cover reel, automatically
  • Reduced evaporation is good for the environment – the pool uses less water

Get the benefits – get the Auto Pool Reel today