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The Auto Pool Reel has been helping pool owners cover and uncover their pools with ease in every corner of the world… but don’t take our word for it!

Gary & Barbara N. Cocoa Beach, FL

It was so easy to assemble, and we are so thankful that we will be able to use our pool all winter -even in Florida, the pool cover keeps the water temperature more constant, and also helps with keeping debris out of the water. The reel system makes getting in and out of the water so quick and easy, and we will be enjoying our pool every day. Thank you again for your great product!

Tom H. Cornelius, NC

After some research, and evaluating various pool cover options, I chose the Auto Pool Reel for its simple compact design. I installed it quite simply with the help of my son to help position it in place. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. My pool is rectangular, 18 x 38, so a very clean opening to work with. I ordered a 16-mil thick solar cover separately and then cut it to size from the recommendations with the Auto Pool Reel guidelines. The tractor drive edge strips provided by APR to attach to the cover’s long edges work well to deploy and retract the cover without any outside assistance. The goal was to extend the pool season 6-8 weeks. Since we didn’t have a cover prior, it will help to retain the heat and allow the solar aspect to help heat as well. The cover has been installed for 6 weeks now and has operated every time with the touch of a button. As an engineer, I wanted something simple for the family to operate, without ropes or tracks or outside assistance. I am pleased with the operation and support from the Auto Pool Reel folks.

Leonard R. Brooklyn, NC

I have had my auto pool reel now for 5 years and I would definitely recommend it. Firstly, the staff at Auto Pool Reel are very accommodating and always available for anything that might come up. Secondly, it's easy to operate and with a touch of a button I can open or close it. Finally, it's priced reasonably.

TJ B. Scottsdale, NC

I purchased the auto pool reel for my pool in Scottsdale Arizona. The reel came with very good setup guides and we were able to have it up and running in a couple of hours. We ran into some issues due to the excessive heat in the summer months here in Arizona. The auto pool reel support team was very responsive in sending out replacement parts, and even went so far as to redesign the main controller board to accommodate the higher temperatures. They were great! We are now enjoying our auto pool reel and have even enabled it to be controlled by Alexa. We just say “Alexa, uncover the pool” and within a few minutes we are enjoying the nice clean warm water. I highly recommend this system and the Auto Pool Reel company.

Robert B. Vancouver, WA

Before we purchased the elegant Auto Pool Reel we tried everything to keep the pool cover in place. Sand bags broke, the plastic weights filled with water split, and the weights rusted. I love having the pool cover inside the pool. With an easy press of a button the reel rolls it in. Even my kids can figure it out. Timely but easy installation. The YouTube videos were very helpful, we get tons of compliments and we highly recommend auto reel to all of our friends.

William D. Homer, AK

I am the owner of “Serenity,” a new Aquatic Physical Therapy pool in Homer, Alaska. Our therapy pool is kept at a temperature of 96 degrees and it is imperative that the pool be kept covered at all times when not in use. My partner, Anette, is a licensed Physical Therapist. She described the laborious and annoying task of covering and uncovering these pools on a daily basis. She insisted that I design the pool so that covering and uncovering the pool would be easier. Our pool is 16’ by 26’ and is finished in beautiful glass tile by a local tile artist. What we did not want is a metal runner going down the center of these beautiful tiles in the area between the waterline and the deck. Having done extensive research on all manner of dealing with pool covers, I can recommend this product without reservation. A below-deck cover with tracks is not only unsightly, but it is very expensive. If you go this route, you can expect to pay in excess of $20,000.00 USD. We also have in use a very effective dehumidifier which keeps the pool water temperature at very comfortable levels. A quality pool cover kept in place at all times when the pool is idle greatly reduces the load on the dehumidifier and greatly reduces energy costs. The Auto Pool Reel has been in use in our facility for about a month now. All of the therapists and assistants have absolutely no trouble covering and uncovering the pool and are happy to do it. Although we did have a slight problem with it in the beginning, I have to say that the customer service provided was absolutely wonderful.

Michael L. Norwalk, CT

Love it when my gadgets work!

Liz & Bob W Los Angeles, CA

The auto pool reel works very well - installation was fairly straightforward and I bolted both sides into the stonework, as here in Los Angeles we do have tremors and I didn't want either side falling into the pool. Again, thank you for the 'hand holding' via your phone calls, texts, and emails during assembly and installation!

Michael D. Calverton, NY

We purchased the auto pool reel and it is awesome! It makes life so much easier. The customer service and team were extremely helpful when I had question. I was extremely pleased to do business with them.

Paul K. Coober Pedy, South Australia

The Auto pool reel was money well spent, to have the pool cover work with a push of a button is great. I will always highly recommend the Auto Pool Reel to other people.

Jeri J San Mateo, CA

I'm very happy with the pool reel. I already put it to the side for winter. Our biggest problem is with the plastic 'buttons'. A few came off and that is probably because we didn't push them in far enough so after a few weeks they would come loose and fall into the pool - I have extras and instead of putting them in every 4-5 holes, I am going to be sure to put them in maybe every other hole, if I have enough. The other thing I would like to have done is put a bench over the roller, so it blends in with the yard. The roller works fine - even though we were all novices we figured it out with the hardest part being the electrical. Having an experienced person or two would have made it so much easier! The brochure recommends it. If this one wears out in a few years I wouldn't hesitate getting another one. Plus, I can roll it out and in by myself and that is the very first thing I noticed when I thought about buying it. It would be nice to sell a bench that would cover the reels and be easy to put together... also, making sure there are more plastic 'buttons' if some fall off. My helpers (grandson and wife) agree ... we made a good choice going with your company ... Very Pleased. Thank you

James Z. Clayton, CA

I wanted to let you know that since we installed the roller we have use the pool more than in the past, there is no longer the hassle to uncover the pool.

Aaron T. Syracruse, USA

If you're looking for a way to put on and take off your pool cover with the press of a button, the Auto Pool Reel is by far the best option I've found, and I've tried several. We couldn't put an in ground automatic pool cover in because of some unique features of our pool/spa, but this works perfectly. And it's a better value than an in ground solution too. The people at Auto Pool Reel also give great support.

James B. Orono, ON

I am very happy with my Auto Pool Reel that I purchased in 2016 and the product support that I have received.

Wayne C. Huntsville, ON

I would definitely recommend the Auto Pool Reel. I liked that it was reasonably priced and I would recommend Auto Pool Reel to our friends and family.