Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers
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Automatic Pool Covers – The Right One for your Pool

Swimming pool covers, solar pool covers or pool blankets have been around for decades and for decades they have offered some simple solutions. Prevention of evaporation, reduction in chemical use, and keeping flying debris like dust and leaves out of the pool are some to list. Retaining heat in the water saves your energy cost, as well as water. Automatic pool covers is the most efficiently way to maintain your pool temperature, especially at night when temperatures drop.

When looking for automatic swimming pool covers, doing a bit of homework will reward you for years to come and your pool will love you for it. Getting the basics and understanding the pros and cons by comparing the options will help you make the right choice.

What are Automatic Retractable Pool Covers System?

The history of automatic inground pool covers started years ago when a clever individual wanted an easy way to cover and uncover a swimming pool. At that time, fabrics and space age materials were not readily available. So the simple solution was rectangular pieces of wood that would slide off and on the pool edges.

New materials

As materials evolved and became stronger and could withstand the UV from the sun, pool covers or also known as pool blankets became in use. They were lighter and floated on the pool water and came in a number of colors. But they were still difficult to take off and put on the swimming pool. With innovation this problem was solved with a manual pool reel: a retractable solar pool cover system.

The Chore of Manual Pool Reels

Amost As every pool owner has purchased at least one pool cover system or pool reel in their life. For sure when getting a new pool installed and later when its outlived its service life. What a chore! What a pain! Just using the pool cover is a hassle. Getting it on and off the water is a two person job. If only one person is available you end up walking back and forth to each side of the pool pulling and tugging the solar pool cover. Or you can just wind it up and who cares what it looks like. But was this simple solution solar pool cover reel the complete answer?

Automatic Pool Cover Systems

The manual pool reel system needed to improve, no more hand cranking or pulling the pool cover. There are now two options for automatic indoor pool covers; the first relies on cables, tracks and rigging and a second option is a trackless system that enhances the manual pool reel. We have come a long way. Automatic pool covers have evolved to a point of great pleasure to the pool owner.

Cabled Track System

In order for the retractable solar pool cover to move off and on the pool a set of cables, tracks, pulleys and rigging are used similar to rigging on sailboats. This elaborate system is amazing to watch as it covers and uncovers the pool.

However, this automation relies on one or two motor located below the water line that pulls two looped cables or ropes similar to two clothes lines. As the motor turns, the cable moves around a large pulley at the motors and a smaller pulley at the end of a set of tracks.

These cables are housed or contained in a set of two tracks either on the top of the pool deck or below the pool coping. As the motor moves the cable a small block inside the track moves from one end to the other while holding the ends and sides of a vinyl pool cover. The pool is wrapped underwater on a drum.

Cable Track System Cost

If this best automatic pool cover system sounds complicated and expensive, it is! The prices for this type of system ranges from $10,000.00 to $30,000.00 and this doesn’t even consider the yearly maintenance cost. Any complex mechanical system that operates below water is prone to issues.

Trackless System

A trackless system called the Auto Pool Reel (auto pool covers) is similar to a manual reel except it has been automated to allow the pool cover to be placed off and on the water automatically using your existing solar pool cover. This marvel has been done by leveraging existing technology from dot matrix printers.

The pool cover requires attaching tractor driver strips on either side of the cover and feeding them into the Auto Pool Reel edges. As the pool cover cog wheels turn, the tractor feed strips are pulled onto the motorized reel. This allows the cover to be stored on the roller above the deck. When converting your pool cover to an Automatic Pool Cover, the result is truly amazing.

Trackless System Cost

If this automatic swimming pool covers system sounds costly, it actually is. The prices for this type of system is only $2,499.00 plus your pool cover.

Maintenance of your Automatic Inground Pool Cover System

Cable track systems for automatic swimming pool covers requires regular maintenance and failure to do so will limit or void your warranty. The systems are complex and maintenance should not be overlooked.

The trackless system or Auto Pool Reel for automatic retractable solar pool covers is not as complex as the cable track system and requires no maintenance. Only protection from the elements during the off season and proper storage.

Installing Automatic Pool Covers

There are several options when installing an automatic retractable pool cover. This depends on your pool configuration, deck layout, budget and goals. Keep in mind the overall yearly maintenance that will be required with a more complex system.

Installing the Cabled Track System

If you have the technical know-how and experience in the mechanical and electrical fields around water, then you will ready for the challenge. If you are not comfortable installing the system yourself it is highly recommended that you hire professionals. Hiring a professional will also help in the yearly maintenance that will be required to keep it running perfectly. It should be noted that if you take on this challenge your warranty may not be valid or last as long. You should talk to the supplier before starting.

Installing the Trackless System

The trackless retractable pool cover or Auto Pool Reel has been specifically designed with the home owner in mind. The easy to follow manual and online videos allow individuals who are mechanically inclined to assembly the unit in a couple of hours. However, if you prefer to hire a professional that is always an option.

Selecting the Right Automatic Pool Cover

Today we rely more and more on technology and automation to make our lives easier. But some technologies with multiple layers of components can decrease the reliability and increase the maintenance. Automation comes with a cost.

When selecting an automatic pool cover the initial cost and the cost over the lifetime should be considered. The prices for cable track system ranges from $10,000.00 to $30,000.00 plus yearly maintenance and parts. This luxury is great for automatic inground pool covers and can only be installed during the construction of the pool. The trackless Auto Pool Reel cost is only $2,499.00 plus your pool cover and can be installed any time.

Automatic Pool Covers For Your Backyard Oasis

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