Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers, solar pool covers or pool blankets have been around for decades and for decades they have offered some simple solutions. Prevention of evaporation, reduction in chemical use, keeping flying debris like dust and leaves out of the pool. Retaining heat in the water saves energy cost, as well as water savings. Swimming Pool Covers are a great idea. A pool is most efficiently operated by using a cover or blanket system daily. And especially having the auto pool covers on at night when temperatures drop. But it takes work. Lots of work. Daily work.

Every pool owner has purchased at least one pool cover system. For sure when getting a new pool installed and later when it's outlived its service life. What a chore! What a pain! Just using the pool cover is a hassle. Getting it on and off the water is a two person job. If only one person is available you end up walking back and forth to each side of the pool pulling and tugging the pool cover. Or you can just wind it up and who cares what it looks like. And the quality of blanket is another thing. Some fall apart. UV makes them brittle. Some even crack into pieces. And then, there's the cost. Cover after cover. In this scenario, a solar pool cover can be the last longing solution!

Consistently getting the pool cover onto the water in the right position has always been tough. Sometimes it goes ok, Forget the heat loss. Don't worry about the vacuuming. Its' automatic anyway. Chemicals? Well, it's a small cost, really. I can live with it. Two people can do it, when someone else is available, but in the end, most people just leave it off. Forget the evaporation.

Is there a solution out there or do I just live with it. Everyone has the same problem with owning a pool. What should I do about this pool cover? Why do I need to put the pool cover on manually? Or pay a lot of money for an automated system that needs rails and components? Only to replace it every few years. Or pull strings with a semi-automated system that is no better than a manual system?

There must be a better way. Can I not just push a button and have it cover and uncover my pool automatically. The answer was no, until the Auto Pool Reel was invented by Covers in Play. The Auto Pool Reel is an Automatic Retractable Pool Cover roller that is truly automatic, that can be operated hands free. Just push the button and you are done. It is that simple.

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The Auto Pool Reel is truly the only automatic pool cover system that can be positioned on your deck and cover and uncover your pool. No tracks or strings to clutter your pool area.

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