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The Auto Pool Reel is the only trackless, fully automatic pool cover system for swimming pool covers

Auto Pool Reel provides pool owners all over the world with pool cover systems that are durably designed and beautifully engineered. Even better, when we say fully automatic, we mean it.

The Auto Pool Reel is the only trackless fully automatic pool cover system in the world that covers and uncovers your pool cover or pool blanket for inground pool with the push of a button. The Auto Pool Reel extends and retracts automatically with patented self-adjusting technology to ensure completely hands-free operation. Our electric pool cover system doesn’t use any strings, tethers, or cables for a user-friendly experience and a seamless looking pool deck.


When you think automatic, you probably envision a product that operates all on its own. However, most electric pool cover rollers actually require manual assistance. The Auto Pool Reel offers the same fully automatic, hands-free operation as a built-in pool cover for inground pools. No other automatic retractable pool cover manufacturer offers the exclusive features of the Auto Pool Reel which include our patented edge-guide system and trackless self-unraveling technology.


The Auto Pool Reel is compatible with almost all swimming pool cover types, including thermal blankets and solar covers. Simply adjust the reel length and attach our edge guides to your solar cover.

See our Auto Pool Reel for a fully automatic experience that ensures effortless operation and our Auto Pool Roller for a similar experience that requires some manual assistance. Scroll down to view the Auto Pool Reel’s performance features and uncover the solution for your swimming pool.

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Enjoy the financial, environmental, and personal benefits of covering and uncovering your pool without any manual assistance. The Auto Pool Reel is utterly uncomplicated, easy to use, and convenient to operate multiple times a day.

fully automatic Auto Pool Reel
closed auto pool reel

Our automatic pool cover system is truly unique. Until now, pool owners have been limited to a handful of options with either drastic premiums for extravagant systems or smaller price tags for problematic products.

The fully automatic Auto Pool Reel provides a superior solution that will end the tireless search for the perfect pool cover system.

The Auto Pool Reel has been designed with innovative technology and an effortless interface This is a performance pool cover system that boasts the benefits of built-in cover systems while eliminating the hassles of manual pool cover rollers. It is the most cost-effective retractable pool cover on the market and the only fully automatic solar pool cover system that will pay for itself in less than a year.

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We offer two types of automatic pool cover systems. The Auto Pool Reel and the Auto Pool Roller.


Retracts and extends the pool cover automatically with no manual assistance.

Auto Pool Reel


  • Insert safety key
  • Push the “on” button and watch it work!
  • Pool cover deploys automatically and glides effortlessly onto the water all by itself
  • No manual pulling, aligning, or adjusting necessary as the reel unwinds the cover


  • Push the "off" button and watch it work!
  • Pool cover engages automatically and retracts smoothly off the water all by itself
  • Self-guiding technology rolls cover tightly onto mechanism, self-adjusting along the way

Design Features

  • No strings or cables
  • Totally hands-free, trackless system
  • Patented tractor feed system
  • Built in microchip controller
  • Safety key for peace of mind
  • State of the art electric drive system
  • Self-adjusting technology that rolls the cover on and off the pool accurately and efficiently

Additional Advantages

The Auto Pool Reel requires absolutely no manual assistance and is durably built for repeated use and effortless operation. Its trackless system features self- guiding technology that requires no confusing and unsightly strings, tethers or cables to allow for free and clear coping areas around your pool deck. The Auto Pool Reel saves you time, energy, and can be used with your existing pool cover! Its exclusive features provide the best value for your money.


Retracts and extends the pool cover automatically with minimal manual.

Auto Pool Roller


  • Turn knob and adjust power level
  • Push the “on” button and gently pull the cover
  • Smart technology recognizes when cover is pulled and glides onto the water as user guides it at desired pace
  • No cranking or forceful pulling required as the roller helps unwind the cover with power-assisted release technology


  • Push the “off” button
  • Pool cover retracts automatically off the water with minimal assistance
  • Cover rolls tightly onto mechanism with manual adjustments as required

Design Features

  • No strings or cables
  • Trackless system requires minimal assistance
  • Built in microchip controller
  • State of the art electric drive system
  • Power assisted technology for easy uncovering
  • Adjustable speed controller to match desired speed

Additional Advantages

The Auto Pool Roller is operated with a built-in toggle switch and power-adjusting knob so there’s no remote control to lose or drop in the swimming pool. Its trackless system features power assisted technology that requires no confusing and unsightly strings, tethers or cables when manually guiding the pool cover on and off the pool. The Auto Pool Roller is built for continued use and ease of operation-you can even use your existing pool cover!

See the Auto Pool Reel in action

  • Trackless
  • Push Button Controls
  • Self Adjusting Function
  • Handles most pool covers
  • No strings attached
  • Hands Free

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Our fully Automatic Pool Reel offers endless benefits.

Environmental Benefits

  • Dramatically decreases need for cleaning
  • Provides thermal insulation that prevents evaporation and heat loss
  • Decreases chemical consumption up to 60%
  • Reduces water consumption by 30-50%
  • No more constantly refilling pool to maintain water level
  • Can be used with solar blanket further optimize your payback on energy savings

Safety and Accessibility Features

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Secured to pool deck
  • User-friendly deployment system that can only be activated with safety key
  • Simple and intuitive design for reliability and longevity
  • Compatible with various pool covers up to 20' x 40'
  • Made for 115-220 GFCI VAC outlets

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Auto Pool Reel - The Only fully automatic electric pool cover reel system for pool covers, on any inground pool, indoors or out

Push Button Trackless Hands Free Effortless Save Heat Stop Evaporation

Enhanced ease of use encourages frequent operation for a cleaner and more energy efficient pool for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is an Automatic Pool Cover?

    An Automatic Pool Cover is an automatic pool cover system that covers and uncovers a pool automatically. The Auto Pool Reel is similar to manual pool cover and reel but fully automatic. No manual effort is required just push a button.

  • Will the Auto Pool Reel or an Auto Pool Roller save me money?

    Yes, by using the Auto Pool Reel or an Automatic Pool Roller with a pool blanket at night when it is typically cooler or when not in use will eliminate chlorine dissipation, water evaporation and heatloss. The cost of the Automatic Pool Cover and pool blanket is a small investment that pays dividends years to come. See Energy Use for energy savings.

  • Can I use the Automatic Pool Covers for indoors or outdoors?

    The Auto Pool Reel or an Automatic Pool Roller can be used indoors or outdoors as required.

  • Does the Auto Pool Reel come with a remote?

    No, the Auto Pool Reel (APR) is fully automatic and requires no assistance so safety must be considered at all times. A key is inserted into the unit and with a simple push of a button the pool can be covered or uncovered.

  • What pool shape can the Auto Pool Reel Cover or an Auto Pool Roller be used on?

    The Auto Pool Reel or an Automatic Pool Roller can be used on most pools including rectangular and L-shape. As well it can also be used on straight sections of odd shape or freeform pools.

  • Do I need tracks or pull a string or rope with the Auto Pool Reel?

    No. The Auto Pool Reel is the only automatic pool cover in the world that requires no ropes or tracks or any assistance. Just push the button to cover or uncover your pool.

  • How are the electric pool covers powered?

    The Electric Pool Covers are plugged into a standard 115V or 220V GFCI outlet and stepped down to a low voltage transformer to power the unit.

  • Is the Auto Pool Reel considered a solar pool cover reel?

    The Auto Pool Reel can be considered a solar pool cover reel since it works with a solar cover or a thermal cover.